Calendar Raffle

Calandar Raffle Winners!

Information about the calendar raffle

For Parents and Supporters:

  • This week, you will receive a bundle of 10 calendars and are responsible for selling your calendars for $10 each.
  • Calendar sales are due by May 4th for priority raffle drawings beginning May 7.
  • Buyers will fill out the information tab at the bottom of the calendar.
  • Players will return the contact information tabs along with the corresponding cash/checks to their coaches. Checks may be made out to “Suncook Little League”
  • Coaches will turn the tabs/cash/checks into the Canteen or any member of the Suncook Little League board.
  • Names will be drawn and prizes will begin to be awarded on May 7th by Dru Tatro, Sponsorship Chair for Suncook Little League or another member of the Suncook Little League board in her absence.
  • Winners will be called and their names will be posted on this site with their prize.
  • Top sellers will be placed in a raffle to win one of two $50 Dick’s Giftcards to be awarded at the end of the “30 Days of Winning”.
  • If there is any question or suspicion of malfeasance on your or your player’s part in this raffle, it will be investigated.

For Prize Winners

  • All prizes must be accepted in person by the winner by June 16th.
  • We cannot provide a prize to a proxy without clear and written permission to do so (a text will suffice).
  • Any prizes that go unclaimed will become property of Suncook Little League and will be used for Little League related purposes or future raffles.
  • Some prizes have expiration dates. Prizes with expiration dates must be used before those dates. Failure to use a prize before it’s expiration date is not the responsibility of Suncook Little League.
  • Entering a raffle is a game of chance. Not all people who enter will win.
  • Suncook Little League board members and their families ARE permitted to win.
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