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Suncook Little League is a volunteer organization. It is ONLY made possible through parents dedication and willingness to participate. At the end of the day, we just want to allow our kids to have a safe and fun baseball experience and learn the value of teamwork. Please take a look at the role descriptions below and click Registration button to signup.

Umpires! Getting volunteers to umpire youth games has been an increasing statewide problem. It is driving up league costs and ultimately registration costs, and making it more and more challenging to put season's together. SLL appreciates volunteers at every capacity, but we need Umpires! Please consider being an Umpire this season!

IMPORTANT! Volunteering to help is an expectation for Suncook Little League. If you are unable to cover a few canteen shifts, rake & line the fields before and after a few games, or contribute in any number of other ways towards the success of the Spring season baseball, you do have the option to Opt Out of Volunteering for an additional fee of $50/player registered. Another way to look at it... Volunteers save on registration while helping make a great season!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Head Coach / Manager


If you know baseball and have some patience, consider signing up for a Head Coach position. As intimidating as it may sound, you’ll have plenty of support in the SLL community. If you were an Assistant Coach or helped the T-Ball or Farm Coach last year, Head Coaching or Co-Coaching a team this year will be even more rewarding.

Every games has at least 20 umpires, but we need more of the umpires “inside” the diamond to help provide fair and safe play for Minor and Major divisions. Get the training and equipment before the season starts! Participate in Little League Webinars and hands on training. You’ll have the support of the Umpire Manager and other experienced umpires.

Assistant Coach

Consessions/Canteen Volunteer

Want to get your coaching feet wet, before taking the reins? Unsure if you want to assume the full responsibility of a Head Coach? Then, Assistant Coaching is a perfect introduction to learn the ropes and drills. It’s a great way to be directly involved at the games and practices while learning coaching skills to be a Head Coach next year, or continue growing with your child’s little league career by supporting the team as an Assistant Coach. Every team should have two Assistant Coaches to help in the dugout, on the field, and help make your child’s season run more smoothly. With your support, they’ll get the most out of an experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

The canteen is such an integral part of your child’s little league experience. It helps generate the revenue to make it all happen. The facilities wear out, equipment gets old. The canteen contributes to replenishing all of those things! But we need volunteers to operate it. Sign up to be a canteen volunteer, get some training (it’s painless), and take a shift. Have a good time, meet some great people, and maybe look to pick up another shift. If you haven’t volunteered for another position, there is a 2-game Canteen shift requirement for the season… it’s not fair for a few people to have all the fun.

Score Keeper / Team Parent

Field Preparation

So you have no interest in coaching, but are organized and perhaps even a little tech savvy? Sign up for a Score Keeper / Team Assistant position. At the younger divisions, this is the perfect “Team mom/dad” position to help with team communication or work with the Coach to keep the team app up to speed. As your player grows into Minors, you can help by learning to keep the score books. This is a great way to be directly involved with the team without having to swing a bat… unless you want to!

Whether you have a green thumb, know a thing or two about outdoor maintenance and equipment, or just mowed a lawn once or twice... You are 90% of the way to being a field preparation assistant. Like the Canteen Volunteer position, this is a great way to support your child’s league if you don’t have the time for a more time demanding role. Spend a half hour setting up lines on the field, setting bases, etc. It is a great (and much needed) way to contribute.

SLL Board Member Interest

If your ideas are even bigger than a team or other single attribute of Suncook Little League, Sign up for an interest in the board or Directing member. Include a particular area of interest you have or skillset you would like to add to the team. There are other positions not listed that are value added including Player Development Manager and Division Manager.

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