Providing players the opportunity to participate in the local league where the school they attend is physically located has allowed children to enjoy the Little League® experience with their friends and classmates. This school year provides many challenges in education that impact how families can identify the appropriate league based on school attendance and provide the approved verification to establish a player’s eligibility based on school attendance.

Little League International hopes that all children are able to have a Little League experience. Below is guidance on how to utilize the school attendance option as families and school districts utilize remote, in-person, and hybrid learning opportunities. Leagues and families are encouraged to work with their District Administrator and appropriate Region Office on their specific circumstances.

A player who participated with the league in 2019 and met the residency/school eligibility requirements but moved or changed schools outside of the league boundary in 2020 and did not participate with the league.

These players may be claimed under regulation II(d) with proper supporting documentation even if they did not participate or register in 2020 with the league.

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